Dragon World by Tamara Macfarlane, Alessandra Fusi

Free ebooks for mobile free download Dragon World CHM FB2 iBook by Tamara Macfarlane, Alessandra Fusi 9780744027655

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  • Dragon World
  • Tamara Macfarlane, Alessandra Fusi
  • Page: 80
  • Format: pdf, ePub, mobi, fb2
  • ISBN: 9780744027655
  • Publisher: DK

Dragon World

Free ebooks for mobile free download Dragon World CHM FB2 iBook by Tamara Macfarlane, Alessandra Fusi 9780744027655

Immerse yourself in the rich, fascinating history of dragons in this illustrated gift book. Meet the fire-breathing beasts of mythology in this beautifully illustrated book brimming with scaled behemoths. Lurking in every corner of the earth, from the deepest depths of the oceans, to the tips of the tallest mountains, even tucked beneath the very ground that you tread on, dragons watch and wait. They take many forms—sea monsters, serpents, wild cats, eagles, and they represent many different things; Gods to be revered, evil kings to be feared, wise friends, and fierce foes. So, when you accidentally step on a sinewy vine and it whips out from under your feet, or invisible forces gently fan warm air across your face, or the acrid smell of cinders pokes at the back of your throat, how will you know whether to stand and wonder, or run and hide? Dragons have breathed fire into our minds since we could first imagine, but why do they exist in stories from every land in the world? Come in and explore Dragon World. Look into their lairs while they make shape-shifting mischief, playing with the weather and protecting earthly treasures. Soar across continents into tales as old as time. Prowl through the pages to discover rare dragon species. Find clues to track them and master how to draw them. Behold the earthly dragons of today!

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